Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

750ml Bottle

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    Remy Martin
    Remy Cointreau
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    First created in 1874, Louis XIII Cognac is an exquisite blend of up to 1,200 grapes Eau-de-vie sourced 100% from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. Each Eau-de-vie is matured slowly inside oak cask. Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac is a magical blend of Cognacs, some more than 100 years old, that has been the legendary choice for the world's greatest celebrities. Harmonious, complex and profound bouquet and flavors of exotic spice, truffle and sandalwood. Louis XIII Cognac is smooth as satin finish. Louis XIII is a rare artifact that is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters.